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Elevate Your Ride with 96 Auto Spa’s Detailing and Ceramic Coating


Are you sick of watching your car lose its shine days (or even hours!) after a car wash? Do you cringe at swirl marks, water spots, and that dull look that just won’t go away? Nashville drivers, it’s time to upgrade your car care routine with 96 Auto Spa – where we don’t just clean, we transform.

Why Settle for Ordinary? (Keywords: Car Wash, Auto Wash, Detailing Near Me)

Sure, a quick trip through the automatic car wash is convenient, but it barely scratches the surface (literally!). It removes surface dirt, but leaves behind the stuff that matters:

  • Embedded Grime: Road salts, bug splatters, tree sap – they all eat away at your paint.
  • Micro-Scratches: Swirl marks from improper washing dull your finish over time.
  • Fading & Oxidation: The sun is brutal on your car’s clear coat, leaving it vulnerable.

Detailing: The Real Car Care (Keywords: Auto Detailing, Detailing Near Me)

Our detailing services go far beyond the basics. We deep clean interiors, removing stains and odors you thought were permanent. We restore faded trim, rejuvenate leather, and make every surface gleam.

But it’s our exterior detailing that truly sets us apart. We don’t just wash, we meticulously correct your paint, removing those imperfections that detract from your car’s beauty.

The Ceramic Coating Advantage (Keywords: Ceramic Coating, Ceramic Coating Near Me, Ceramic Pro)

Ceramic coating isn’t a wax – it’s a protective layer that bonds to your paint, offering:

  • Years of Protection: Resist scratches, chemicals, UV rays… even bird droppings!
  • That “Just Waxed” Look:… Except it lasts for years, not weeks.
  • Easier Maintenance: Your car stays cleaner longer, and washing is a breeze.

Don’t Just Wash… Transform Your Ride

96 Auto Spa offers Nashville’s premier car detailing and ceramic coating services. Whether you have a daily driver, a luxury vehicle, or even an aircraft, we’ll make it shine like new.

And the best part? We come to you! Our mobile detailing service brings the spa treatment to your doorstep.

Tired of lackluster results? Ready for a car that turns heads? Contact 96 Auto Spa today for a free quote and experience the difference professional detailing and ceramic coating can make.